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HMT's Random Drug or Alcohol Testing Programs Let us help you maintain your company's competitive edge through comprehensive drug and alcohol screening services! We are committed to providing you with quality services at the very best rates.
HMT's Random Drug or Alcohol Testing is a method of randomly selecting people from a large poole of names to be drug or alcohol tested on a completely random basis. Drug testing at work is probably the single most effective weapon we have against adult substance abuse. It is a proven, low cost strategy which identifies those needing help, reduces demand, cuts accidents and sick leave, improves attendance and increases productivity.


HMT can provide random drug testing which accurately establishes a rotation for personnel for drug and alcohol testing. HMT uses an internal random number generation logarithm based on the Microsoft Windows core "Randomize" function which uses a unique random seed number upon which to base its randomization. The seed number is based on the internal system timer of the
computer on which it is operating. By using this method, our random software gives each covered employee an equal chance of being selected each time a population list is run on the program.

The selection of drivers for random alcohol and controlled substances testing are made by a scientifically valid method, such as a random number table or a computer-based random number generator that is matched with drivers' Social Security numbers, payroll identification numbers, or other comparable identifying numbers. Under the selection process used, each driver shall have an equal chance of being tested each time selections are made. Member of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association

The most important feature of the random selection process is the fact that each employee has an equal chance of being selected and that the possibility of an employee being selected two or three times is equal to an employee never being selected. The selection can be arranged for either total random selection or a percentage of the personnel pool. A client can instruct us to select any number of names on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Horizon would then make the random selections and notify your designated staff members of the selection so they can arrange for the testing on a specific date and time.
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