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Welcome to Horizon Medical Technologies. llc
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Horizon Medical Technologies, llc
Patient Fall Prevention Products BedCall® ChairCall® Ultimat® Bed Ultimat® Chair

HMT's Patient Fall Prevention Solutions! Horizon's Commitment To Your Patient...

Horizon Medical Technologies, LLC has devoted its resources to investigating, contracting and supplying the most advanced early warning patient fall alarm available on the market today.
We have established a few programs to assist the facilities in obtaining, not just equipment, but equipment which has been tested against other similar products on the market. Our product selection process was designed to determine not only the most cost effective, but most reliable and technologically advanced equipment available as well as the manufacturers dedication to customers satisfaction.

In the patient fall prevention arena of products, Horizon Medical Technologies selected Ultimate Safety's "BedCall®" and "ChairCall®" system for it's advanced technology with the "EdgeSense®" feature. The SafeCall system has been developed with one goal in mind --


Patient Fall Prevention and Restraint Reduction Solutions for Health Care...
The advanced "EdgeSense®" feature of the Ultimate Safety BedCall® alarm makes it the only system on the market that will detect a patients intent to vacate the bed. It is the only system available on the market that will assist in detecting:
BedCall®  Monitor

The patient's intent to vacate the bed prior to actually leaving the safe confines of the mattress;

The patient who is entrapped between the side rail and mattress;
The patient who becomes bed rail entangled and falls back onto the mattress.

There is more to this product then just electronics and mats. It is backed by perhaps the most experienced design and engineering team devoted strictly to the patient fall detection industry. SafeCall's record speaks for itself. In addition to the impact of the substantially experienced design and engineering team, Ultimate Safety Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and have established strict quality control procedures to assure your staff can be confident that their patient is secure with one of the most trusted patient monitoring systems on the market. Our goal is to provide your facility with the means to substantially reduce or eliminate bed and chair related patient falls-and to that end, we dedicate ourselves to you! Please click on the menu links above to browse through all of our patient fall prevention product line.
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