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This order form is provided for customers who prefer to use the traditional offline ordering method or for users who's browsers do not support JavaScript and therefore cannot use our secure online PayPal Payment System.
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Payments should be made out to HORIZON MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES and mailed or faxed to:

Horizon Medical Technologies, LLC
Dept: Risk Reduction Solutions
904 Bishop Drive
Morgantown, West Virginia
USA 26505

Toll-Free Telephone: 1- 800-296-0482
Local Telephone: 1-304-296-1182
Fax: 1-304-296-1186
Alternate E-mail:

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Catalog#: Product Name: Quantity: Unit Price: Price:
Multi-Drug Screen Panel Tests: Specify drug combinations below;

Number of Drugs for Screening [up to 10 Combinations]
Yes No Simultaneously test for adulterant urine samples
Shipping/Handling charges originate from West Virginia, USA;
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E-Mail/Call for Rate E-Mail/Call for Rate E-Mail/Call for Rate
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Sales Tax: Sales tax will only apply to residents of West Virginia who do not provide a faxed copy of their tax exemption certificate.
Prices are subject to all taxes, excises, or other charges levied by any government (international, national, state, or local) upon the sale, consumption or use of the products.
Total $ Amount
[US$ Currency Only]
Please include your signature for authorization on all orders submitted via fax or mail.
Your signed Purchase Order is acceptable for fax orders.
For wire transfers banking information and shipping/handling rates please contact us or call us for details.
Note: All orders will be verified and confirmed via e-mail, phone or fax prior to us processing your payment.
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