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Professionals and Businesses - Press Release August 14, 2002
Website - http://www.corrections.com/
Michael D. Adrian & Gayla M. Garrett
Owner/Vice President
Horizon Medical Technologies, LLC


Medical Risk Reduction Firm Adds "Point of Service" Drug Testing Program
News: Business News - Press Release
Providing our client facilities
with in-house control.

Morgantown, WV, August 14, 2002 - Horizon Medical Technologies, LLC of Morgantown, West Virginia has recently implemented a comprehensive, “point of service”, drug testing program which targets those companies who are interested in obtaining total control of their drug screening efforts.  Michael Adrian, Horizon’s Vice President, explains that the early and rapid success of the program “is directly related to providing our client facilities with the in-house control of the entire process.” 

The heart of the program is Horizon’s ability to offer a complete program which indoctrinates the client into the process.  Mike Adrian explains, “It goes back to the basic concept of 'If you want the job done right – Do it yourself.'”  Horizon Medical Technologies, LLC is now providing that concept by offering the client an option to the standard and expensive collection sites, hospitals and labs that are currently performing this task.  Current clients are experiencing savings of 40 – 60% of their previous drug testing efforts.  In addition, the client has realized a savings in the “soft money” arena by reducing time spent by employees who are involved in the process.  “In addition to the direct impact on the bottom line, our client facilities have responded back to Horizon identifying the advantages of having the ability to read results in 5 minutes of the test being administered, as being the key to their success when considering future employees.  Our in-house drug treatment clients are thrilled with having the ability to determine the patient client’s current drug levels when prescribing meds for treatment.”

Any organization that performs background checks, pre-employment testing and profiling, does so with the intention of providing their company or client companies with a high degree of confidence in their employee pool.  They do so to obtain employees that are of the highest integrity and will perform with a limited risk to the organization.  According to Adrian, the addition of Horizon Medical Technologies professional drug testing not only increases the effectiveness of that effort, but "assures your operation, and the operation of your client companies, that placement of your personnel is a safe, well screened and responsible choice.  We help protect your bottom-line."

"Successful businesses rely on the combination of a solid foundation of risk management and regulatory compliance protecting that bottom line. Our clients’ liability and risk management efforts are increasingly safeguarded with Horizon’s risk reduction solutions.  Horizon’s comprehensive drug screening program works to guard your net profit, protect the integrity of your organizations reputation and provides you with a very attractive, value added service that can be easily conveyed to your clients and services."

Horizon Medical Technologies, LLC is a company which specializes in the areas of risk reduction in health care, industry, government and the private sector.  Horizon has spent the better part of a year developing strategic alignments with drug detection manufacturers and laboratory facilities to provide the very best in comprehensive on-site, 5-minute drug screening programs that provide both cost and time savings to those organizations who dedicate resources to such activities.

To receive detailed information on the program and how it works or to have a complete evaluation and cost comparison to your existing efforts, contact Michael Adrian at 1-800-296-0482.

Disclaimer/Credit Reference: The above material is available through Corrections.com and reprinted with full permission.
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