Welcome to Horizon Medical Technologies. llc
Welcome to Horizon Medical Technologies. llc
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HorizonMedTech.com - Your Trusted Source for Risk Reduction Solutions!
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Horizon Medical Technologies, LLC
Instant-View™ Rapid Test Kits - Medical Testing Kits!
Instant-View™ Rapid Test Kits - Medical Testing Kits!

HMT is committed to consistently providing our customers with the highest quality products, professional service at competitive prices! We offer high quality and advanced Instant-View™ rapid diagnostics tests for the detection of a variety of diseases, fertility and abused drugs.

Horizon Medical technologies, LLC
helps improve on quality and reduces the cost of health care through point-of-care testing instant testing. Horizon offers a complete line of "Medical Test Kits" including: fertility tests, infectious diseases tests, tumor markers and cancer tests which are simple to use, affordable and yield accurate results in minutes!

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Our mission is to help you provide quality health care solutions. We want to be your information source and diagnostic product supplier and to provide the best possible kits at the lowest possible prices.

Why the trend toward point-of-care testing? Increasing health awareness, unnecessary delays in receiving test results and spiraling health care costs are inspiring early and accurate diagnosis of disease. Manufacturers, government and the general public are insisting on accurate, but timely, diagnostics and testing. This trend is due to a general population looking to gain control over their personal health with accurate, timely and cost effective diagnostic testing.

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