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HMT's Patient Fall Prevention Solutions! Horizons' client will be the company with the upper hand. They experience the advantage of offering the prime candidate the position while the competition waits for the lab.
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In the long term care industry, the importance of pre-employment drug screening is obvious. The inherent problems associated with pre-employment screening, is the significant amount of time that is lost between the interview and the point where an offer for a position can be made. The problem lies with the labs that are providing the drug screens. They are inundated with drug screens being received on a daily basis and provide results on a first-come-first-serve basis. This typically results in a 3 - 5 day wait between the time the test is taken and when the results are received from the lab.

With today's nursing shortage and the high rate of employee turnover, nursing facilities are facing the possibility that a prime candidate would be placed in another facility prior to lab results being received.

The advantage HMT offers the industry is the ability to receive screening results in 5 minutes. In addition, our test will screen for the adulterants and provide for an indicator that reports the temperature of the urine sample. This is important if the candidate would attempt to introduce "clean urine" from a friend or mail order supplier of such things. The result is that the facility using our tests will be the facility with the upper hand. They will have the ability to offer the prime candidate the position while the competition waits for the lab.

The Horizon Medical Technologies' drug testing program provides for a flexible solution to any current program a health care provider would have in place. The range of service would span from a simple solution of providing the facility or group with the on-site 5-minute drug and adulterant screens to the all inclusive program with an assigned certified laboratory for the purposes of verification of the positive results through GC/MS technology. The full program would also include all collection supplies as well as pre-paid freight of samples to our lab.

HMT's Patient Fall Prevention Solutions!

The end result of implementing our program usually yields a savings of 40 - 60% and provides for the ability to make confident hiring decisions within 5 minutes of the test being administered. In the event the test are used for post accident or suspicious activity, the 5-minute solution would provide the facility with the ability to determine an employees impairment and to make the appropriate decision to remove that employee from the patient and employee population prior to any catastrophic event occurring.
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