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HMT's Patient Fall Prevention Solutions! Horizons’ drug screening programs provide effective reductions of adverse outcomes associated with drug and alcohol use in the workplace.
HMT Advantages Continued

We have, hands down, the most effective and cost contained drug screening program on the market today. In every instance, health care groups have saved an average of 40%, when compared to their previous method of screening for drugs of abuse, while maintaining the highest level of integrity with their drug testing methodologies.

In describing the advantages of this service...

Horizons' drug testing product line is one that provides for adulterant detection and one of the first to provide simultaneous drug and adulterant screening with an on-site test.
According to the American Management Association's annual Survey on Workplace Drug Testing and Drug Abuse Policies, workplace drug testing has increased by more than 1,200 percent since 1987. Most Fortune 500 companies conduct pre-employment drug tests, and virtually all companies that employ drug testing show steady decreases in drug use.

That, however, has led to a troublesome, albeit not entirely unexpected result: Small businesses, which employ over half of the nation's workforce, are now a magnet for drug users. And it is these companies that can least afford the legal and business exposures associated with workplace substance abuse.
In stark contrast to the popular fantasy that drug users are unemployed losers, approximately 75 percent of adult illicit drug users -- some 8.5 million people -- are employed. It is estimated that at least one employee in 10 has a problem with alcohol or drugs. No company, large or small, is immune from this problem.

BedCall®  Monitor

Some companies may indeed see a decrease in the number of positive test results. But the number of employees trying to cheat, or adulterate their tests, is increasing.  A quick search of the Internet reveals dozens of anti-drug testing web sites where so-called "cleansing" aids are sold for the sole purpose of helping drug users produce a clean urine drug screen. Drug users can even purchase freeze-dried urine, or human urine that is purported to be "clean."

They are also marketing a product which proclaims to “clear” any drug residue from the urine sample in order to provide for a clean test result even though the applicant or employee is under the influence.

All known common adulterants can be detected such as Stealth, Urine Luck, Whizzes, Klear, Clear Choice, Instant additive, Visine, Drano and Bleach.

Additionally, anti-drug testing sites list companies nationwide, along with an overview of the types of drug tests they require for employment.
HMT Advantages Continued
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